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Thread: I Found It Over There

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    [Continued from previous post.]

    I then removed the grooves from the DMT with a Naniwa A-206, the small red cubic one, which does a wonderful job, not only at removing the grooves, but also at leaving what I feel to be the perfect abrasive surface of the particular stone. All along carefully checking and correcting for flatness. This was the result:
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    As you can see, the honing surface is very heterogeneous. The shiny area at one end feels very hard and almost “rugged” under the blade of the razor that I summarily tested on the stone (with no satisfaction.) In addition to that, there are plenty of minute pyrites scattered over the honing surface (the darker specs on the picture):
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    I managed to take some pictures of such through a pseudo-microscope (with a scale in millimetres, each line marking a tenth of a millimetre, or 4 thousandths of an inch) (they are the gold-looking things, if you can notice them):
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    I’ll spent a little more time testing the stone, but I’m afraid it was justly discarded by the workers of the time, who judged it unfit to hone and therefore did not trouble themselves with flattening the faces. Dumped unfinished; I suppose that was the first step to its journey ending out in the open, on a village path, where the copper etcher found it years ago, rather than in a house.
    And I’m still not certain what kind of stone it is.
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    Finding good subjects with very consistent matrix is a big challenge. I hope to get back to making some hones. I love that there are several people all over looking and trying.
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    Very nice writeup explaining. It is cool to try out rocks to see if they will hone well. I have not tried it myself but love to see others doing it and with nice pictures too.
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    That is certainly a big chunk of stone. There's something very satisfying about pulling a rock from the wild and turning it into a stone that is useful. Sometimes it results in making and nicely shaped door stop but other times it can result in a very useful hone.

    Nice piece on your adventures with that one.

    I am waiting for some coarser SIC powder to use for flattening out that giant hunk of what I believe is sandstone and for giving a rougher surface to one side of the "bacon strip" quartzite in hopes of getting a bevel setter-finishing stone. Both of which just previous.
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    Just a wild guess you have a siltstone or shale there. Pyrite is a common component with those. Of course there are others but that's my guess.
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