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Thread: chosera or nainwa progression

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    I have a set of Norton’s, a set of Super Stones, and set of Chosera’s. Typically I use a Chosera 1k to bevel set, then switch to a 4 and 8K Norton and finish on a 12K Super Stone or a Natural Finisher.

    But if I was new and buying a complete set, buy the Super Stones the difference in not in the finish, to me it is in the feel of the razor on the stone. Probably I am reading way too much into the feel but I have the stones so I can. The finish on either progression is the same… it’s the finisher that makes the shave.

    Bottom line you can’t go wrong with either set, or mix and match… Super Stones are a great value.

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    Chosera 1k. Naniwa the rest. April 26-27th come to one of the greatest meet ups of wet shavers!

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    5,8,12k for Naniwa hones

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