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Thread: New Natural African whetstones - followup

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    It looks like South Africa was close/touching South America.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jasper Kade View Post
    Thanks Tok,

    Yeah I've tested some razors on them, but not as yet properly honed any to shave with.. at this stage I'm just speculating as to what they stone material could be..and hoping some of the guys have some input and knowledge to contribute to hone stones in general.

    Your comment on synthetics making the hunt for naturals obsolete is quite valid, and is largely the way I'm thinking these days when I come across any deep contruction digging, or see an outcrop of stones in the field Nature is so infinately diverse - it's a part of this hobby that really interests me.

    - Mike
    Mike if you like me to test your stones i would do so. As Randy mention i am sure they will be suitable on razor honing but in which stage ?
    only after test someone can say.

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    Hi Sham, thanks so much! That would be greatly appreciated once again.
    I will PM you once I've got an appropriate sample for you to test, thank you indeed.

    - Mike

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    Jasper, thanks for bringing this thread and for the pictures. And thanks to
    our more knowledgeable members for adding their thoughts. Amazing education to be had on SRP!

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    The rocks of South Africa include all types. Some will make
    good hones and some might even make razor hones....

    Pick "beautiful" hones and work at classifying them in terms
    of grit and serviceability. You can gather or make some
    touchstone steel that ranges from soft to brittle but hard steel.

    Skip rocks that make no progress on very hard steel like
    common file steel. Use the softer steel to evaluate the
    grit. You can quickly generate new scratches and then can
    compare the depth, width and uniformity under an inexpensive microscope.
    Compare and contrast with a modern hone or two.
    Then hone some razors.....

    Some soft shale can be fired to make a hone.

    Contact metamorphic rocks can be beautiful but
    are not likely to be consistent. You can bring
    a lug of rock home and find a prize only to find
    no more of the good stuff on the next trip to the
    same location.

    Geology might help but without a way to assay/ test
    your finds things will be hit and miss but fun.

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    Very informative thread and fantastic pics w/ the dry/wet contrast and very good lighting.

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    Great work. Good luck finding the one true stone!

    I'll watch this thread with great inerest.
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