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    Default Narrow German Water Hones

    Hi: I am considering picking up an escher or thuringian and am hesitating on pulling the trigger on a stone north of $400. There are these 1.25 inch wide x 5-6 inch long ones that come up, which are more economical. This seems narrow, but can this work for one long term if it is being used only as a polisher? Or should I ante up for a larger one? Wondering what peoples experience with this width are.

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    I have several Escher's, including one boxed Escher of those dimensions. I seldomly use it, if ever. More of a collector's thing than anything else. If I'm using an Escher, it's normally 7x1.5 That size is the most common, you see some bigger, some smaller. In excess of 400.00 is the norm for Escher's, but not Thuringian's to my knowledge, unless they went up too, which I'm sure they did...They are expensive due to the rarity of the stones.

    Can you use the small width, of course, it's just small. It would require you to do more work or lapps, strokes, etc...There are other stones out there that will give you similar results. If I was looking for an Escher or Thuringian, I'd opt for a larger one, 7x1.5
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    I would prefer longer and thinner to shorter and wider, but I think it's personal preference based on what kind of a stroke you are comfortable with. Not that I would spend $400 on hone... If I had a lot more money I guess I would, though. That's nearly a months rent...

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    Thanks for giving me something to thing about.
    If you look even on fleebay you would find that these stones of described size are not that expensive. Othervise if you still consider it I can for that price give you even choice between Thuri or Escher.
    Seriously well done that you have asked. Save a littlebit more and have proper size stone.

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