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Thread: ID help needed on this green and black veined stone

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    Quote Originally Posted by thebigspendur View Post
    If it was marble a drop of acid would produce a fizz. That's the old Geology lab routine.
    What kind of acid ? I hope not lisergic...........
    I've try with lemon juice, but I haven't mark alterations.
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    Quote Originally Posted by thebigspendur View Post
    I don't have a clue but in some of the photos it looks like marble. But that's easy to test cause marble is just CaCO3 and is pretty soft so if you have some quartz or feldspar try scratching it and see what happens. The black veins could be iron or manganese.
    Nelson, if it were iron would it not show oxidization? Usually in stone iron will show as a rust color if exposed.
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    I really like the color of it.
    I want one.........

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    usually HCL is what we use. We used to use that treatment to get fossils out of CaCO3. Just put the fossils in a vat of dilute acid and leave them under a hood for several days and the fossils which are silica are left behind in a pile of mud.

    Iron will show rust if it's native iron which is so rare you'd have a better chance finding a diamond. Iron minerals over time will slowly change but that takes like thousands of years. Depending on the chemistry though if the conditions are right you might see a fine coating of FeO also known as Limonite or rust.
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