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Thread: The "Hones" Forum.

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    Default The "Hones" Forum.

    Welcome to the Hones forum. Please read.

    In this section of the forum, We discuss the actual hones/rocks themselves, their properties and characteristics. Classic Barber hones, Natural hones, (Jnats, Thuringian/Escher, Coticule, Charnley, etc...) and all types of Synthetic hones.

    This is also a good venue for posting pics of stones that you're unsure about and would like information or identification.

    Jimmyhad and myself are "rockhounds", and will glady answer any questions you may have, if not, we usually know in which direction or member to point you to.

    For more specific information about actual honing, and progressions, etc...We ask that you visit the "Honing Forum. There's also an Advanced Honing section.

    Unfortunately, We do not give out valuations of hones, so please don't ask "What is this hone worth"

    For new members looking to get advice on honing a razor, or where to go to get that done, The beginner's section is a good place for information, and our advertising section has a "Member Services" area here:

    That section has a list of members currently sharpening and restoring razors.

    We have also put together information on one of most asked questions, "What hone(s) do I need: You can read that here:

    I put together a couple of blogs with some information about buying Coticules and Jnats here:
    Straight Razor Palace Forum - zib - Blogs

    There's also a wealth of information on the forum itself, so be sure to use our search feature.

    P.S. Buying Natural Hones:

    Buying natural hones can be a crap shoot even for experienced honers. If your new to the world of straight razors, and stones, the choices can be overwhelming. Before you plunk down your hard earned money on some untested rocks, Please contact one of the Mentors, or even a Moderator for some guidance.

    Thank you for visiting the hones forum.

    Jimmy and Rich
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