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Thread: A different slant on honing

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    I don't have the experience that some possess here so I couldn't say either way. But I can say that what I have learned here on this site and from some very highly skilled individuals, have led me to to produce incredible edges that work on my face consistently.

    We will always have differences of how to hone. I think everyone understands that if it works for your face, then you have accomplished your mission. That's really all that matters.
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    The “Dovo” convex hone has been discussed for years, and this same vendor was reproducing them in Coticule and Ark stones a while back. I know a few guys here purchased the stones, I think one was for sale on the BST a while ago, no raving reviews yet.

    Now he is selling a plate to grind your own, which would be difficult with a hard Ark and sandpaper. Probably factories use these stone to hone warped razors.

    If “Old Master Honers” have been honing like this for years, where are the stones and magic edges they produce. If the results were so fantastic, folks would prize them like fine Jnats and large smooth Hard Arks.

    This guy is a Dovo vendor, I’ve not seen a magic edge come out of the Dovo factory lately, and I hone a fair amount of new Dovos.

    Just learn the Rolling X, no magic stone needed.

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    Yup, I'll agree with the video most of the new dovos I ever honed certainly weren't sharp... & plenty have had frowns out of the box too.

    Microbevels & convex bevels are just a compensation for poor steel or HT.
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    I would think it to be a quite harsh edge, being your trying to undercut a already, finned edge.

    No thanks.....plain nonsense.

    Though it could be easily done with a wheel, to say, SE & DE blades, but they don't, I believe their micro beveled. But I don't know for sure, I only shave with straights.
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    I have an effective technique that produces edge that I like. That’s all that truly matters to me.
    It's not what you know, it's who you take fishing!

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    If all you want is an edge that will shave, there are a lot of ways to get that, all equally valid. If you have a very particular result in mind, that does narrow the field, and specialized techniques are okay, too. I am very set in my ways and in my expectations, so I don't do much experimenting these days, apart from very small incremental optimizations or attempts at optimization. Sometimes guys get far off the beaten path and leave many of us scratching our heads asking why they do it that way, but sometimes we forget that most of us have little idiosyncracies that we believe in. It's all good. The oddballs can always return to the path well traveled later if they get disillusioned.

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    Ahhhh my buddy Jared

    He was all over TSD with this stuff actually convinced some guys to buy his hones

    He also tells people NOT to believe their lying eyes about the Spinning Platens in the Dovo vid

    Pretty simple for me, and obviously Marty too, when somebody claims that we should hone like the "Solingen Masters at Dovo on a convex hone" I can't stop laughing because we see the edges that they produce, that we get paid to fix

    No Thanks

    ps: No reflection on you Bob, it is what we do here, look at other options all the time
    "No amount of money spent on a Stone can ever replace the value of the time it takes learning to use it properly"
    Very Respectfully - Glen

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    What JohnToad said: We will always have differences of how to hone. I think everyone understands that if it works for your face, then you have accomplished your mission. That's really all that matters.

    I'm not watching that video cuz I just can't lol, but I'm one of the contrarians who actually bought one of Jarrod's 6"x2" convex black trans arks to play with a couple of years ago. They were ridiculously low-priced considering the amount of work that must go into making them, and I was just intrigued by the concept.

    I've never been much concerned about honing controversies and have zero interest in arguing with anyone over how they hone their razors. Other than a few satisfied ebay customers and local converts, I mostly just hone for myself. I get bored easily once I feel I have nailed a hone, and have slowly learned to experiment over the years with different techniques, trusting my intuition more and more as I gain experience.

    Long story short-I kept it for a few months, got some great edges off of it with less effort than a dead-flat ark as it was advertised to do (though no better than my flat arks), and sold it to SonnytheHooligan for what I paid for it when I became infatuated with the next stone and needed to fund it (which I've also since sold). Honestly, I'd like to buy it back from him just to play with it some more-It was great for smilin' Sheffields. That's my 2 cents.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gssixgun View Post
    ps: No reflection on you Bob, it is what we do here, look at other options all the time
    Exactly why I posted it. Had not seen this mention before on SRP for discussion. I did not see it on TSD so he must be making the rounds of the forums.

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    I guess we are "flat-honers". Just don't think I could ever come at using a dished stone, even out of curiosity. Though I have to say, I have an old DE blade hone/stropping "stone" that is deliberately dished so there was clearly a commercial use-case back in the day in that context.

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