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    My go to hones are the Naniwa set in 1/3/8/12k, but I sometimes find that the 1k Naniwa isnt quite aggressive enough and I need to swap over to the 1k Shapton to get the bevel set.

    Then I either stick with the Shaptons (just for fun!) or go back to the 1k Naniwa for 20 strokes then progress using the other Naniwa stones.

    I find that the Naniwa 1k is quite a soft stone, which can be good because it leaves a less aggressive edge than other stones, but it can also dish out quite easily once you start using pressure. Its also not as an aggressive cutter than the Shapton 1k.

    In the last 6 months I've added a few natural finishers to my hone arsenal, but with some of the razors I've had recently I'm going to start adding a few different bevel setters as well! The 1200 DMT is definately on my list and I've heard the Norton 1k is also a great bevel setter.

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    I remember reading a post by GSS saying that he started setting a bevel @ a 45degree angle, then 30 degree angle, then a few layers of tape, them removing layers as he went along....

    This seems a bit much, but I can't remember why he used this method. But if you're really worried about going to the 220, then maybe this is an alternative?

    Hopefully GSS can clarify a bit.

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    Default thanks again

    After I took a day off from this razor, I worked up a 1k slurry and went to work with some extra pressure. Progress was still stinkin slow, but I kept at it, slurrying back and forth between my 1k and 4k, finally able to back off the pressure after the bevel finally came up.

    Super shaver. Thanks for the advice and encouragement.
    Don't get hung up on hanging hairs.

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    Glad to hear it worked out, Stimpy! You show dose razors who's boss!

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