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Thread: Alex - Day 2

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    Cool Alex - Day 2

    Hello all - I have been researching and reading all about straight razor shaving for a bit now (here). I ordered a DOVO, and a strop online. I practiced some SLOW strops. The blade came already pretty sharp, I don't know if it's considered 'shave ready' according to REAL standards. It did cut one of my hairs I laid on the blade after stropping (popped it right in half).

    My first shave, I shaved one sideburn down, no cuts, didn't do to bad. The second shave I tried the non-dominant hand, and did the other side. It was very 'backward' feeling, so I just went SLOOOWWW, and did another sideburn down. No cuts, no whiskers either! I finished up with my DE both times. My shave soap dries up really fast it seems. So I'm trying for a little more water in the mixture. PS - I have thrown away the canned stuff.. Knock on wood - no razor burn at all..

    I'm very hesitant to start on any chin / moustache whiskers. I'm pretty sloppy with maintaining a good angle on the blade right now, but... practice + slow is what I keep reading. I think I'll stick with that! The hardest part right now I think, is how to actually begin the shave. How do you actually put the blade on your skin? I was starting at maybe a 5 degree angle, then increasing to 30 just before shaving??


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    That's what I recommend a lot to new guys, to lay the blade almost flat on your face and then bring it up to angle. You'll know when you hit the sweet spot. Once you get used to it, You don't even think about angle anymore. It just becomes second nature.
    When you put the blade to your face, It'll be at the proper angle automatically.
    It sound like your doing fine, go slow, take your time, and it'll come. Sounds like your blade is shave ready if it pops hairs. As we say around here, Shaving is the true test.

    One way to practice using both hands is the brush your teeth with both hands. In other words, If your right handed, and you normally just use your right hand, start brushing with the left. It will get you used to using your non dominant hand....
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