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    Hello Gentlemen and Ladies,

    My name Is Dustin and I have been lurking here for quite some time. I am 26. I've not yet moved up to the straight razor, but I have moved to a DE. I got tired of spending mucho dinero on cartridges for my cartridge razor so, for my birthday I asked the wife for a straight razor or DE. She got me the DE and related accessories (shaving soap, badger brush, replacement blades.) I had my first shave with it yesterday and WOW what a difference from the shaving gel and cartridge. Loved every moment of it. Many thanks to everyone here who has placed valuable information that guided me through the process of lathering and shaving with a DE. The Wiki was very helpful.

    The wife got me a Merkur 34c with Merkur blades. Crabtree and Evelyn - Sandalwood shave soap and a Tweezerman Badger brush. I wish I had remembered to give the brush a little cleaning in borax before using it, smelled mighty... Badger-y. Oh well.

    The shave was superior, only one small nick on the chin from my mind wandering from being caught in the 'zen' of the moment, listening to the sound of the razor cutting. Wife very much approved of the smoothness of the shave as well. I look forward to my next shave, which is different for me because I used to hate shaving.

    Thank you again, and look forward to learning much more.



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    Hello, Dustin:

    Yes, indeed, welcome to the world of gentlemen shavers. Double edge razors give great shaves. Sometimes they also serve as the gateway to the straight razor. In the meantime, explore the razor's possibilities, along with the wet shaving equipment.

    We are delighted to have you with us


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