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    Smile New straight shaver

    Hello everybody!

    My name is Alex and I am a new straight razor shaving enthusiast. I started straight shaving with a wilkinson SE blade attached to a shavette, about an year ago. That has allowed me to experience the wet shaving pleasure, without the need to care for sharpening and maintaining a razor. The experience than had no comparrison to any other shave I had before.
    Time has passed and I decided to move up in the wet shaving world, and so I bought a proper straight razor, a new Dovo 5/8" Black Classic, made out of carbon steel, full hollow ground razor. My new baby has just arrived yesterday (as you can imagine, there is no retailer of Dovo here in Romania, not to mention a real honemeister), and I had my first real straight shave this morning. All went well, and with experience I know it will get even better!

    My other pieces of equipment are:
    - a #4 Selected Bout Yellow Coticule
    - L`Occitane Cade shaving soap and after shave balm from the same line of products
    - a boar hair brush
    - a leather/vynil strop.... SO FAR!

    Looking forward to posting and reading oppinions and useful information,
    Best regards,
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    Welcome Alex!

    Just take your time, enjoy the process and make sure you do your research here and you'll be well on your way in no time.

    Good luck and keep us posted!

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