Hi there. I've been fascinated with straight razors since I was a kid. I love old stuff, using it, fixing up. I had just gotten my first project SR when my grandmother died last spring. While cleaning out her house we found my great-grandfathers straight. When I told my dad how excited I was about finding it, he told me he had been saving my great-grandfathers(from the other side of the family) straight razor for me. I haven't seen it yet cause it is packed away in storage but I think when I go home for Christmas I will dig it out. I haven't even tried shaving with a straight yet but I'm hooked. I have a few others I need to finish cleaning up and send out to be honed. I've been DE shaving for more than a year now so at least I have my prep down, I just need to learn how to shave with my straights now.

Now as everyone loves pics, here are a few:

My first project, currently languishing in storage.

My great-grandfathers razor and a scuttle my grandmother painted, also currently sitting in storage.

My newest acquisition