Spencer & Devon LLC is a new company formed to make top quality shaving creams and other men's grooming products. Posting for the company will be Russ, one of the principals and a convert to wet shaving. Until a few years ago, I just used Edge, Gillette Series, and similar stuff. Then I became introduced to and hooked on the English glycerin-based creams. Now we're producing something ourselves that will be different -- made with high-quality emollients that even the top English brands do not use.

The reason is simple -- shaving is harsh for men with dry or sensitive skin or uneven skin surfaces. So I wanted to produce something that would make that experience more pleasant, less drying and far less uncomfortable. In addition, although I'm not a straight-razor shaver, but a recent convert to DE shaving and the amount of product, packaging and blade waste that wet shaving saves is substantial.

We're just starting out and our ethos is simple: great ingredients, smooth shave, natural sources. I encourage you to give us a look at our twitter feed (@SDshave) and at Facebook. Our website and products are forthcoming.

And if you have questions, I'm more than happy to answer.

Thanks for letting us join this community.