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    Default I found the place

    Hello, this is my first post, after just having joined. I have a few questions, but I see there are even more answers already down there. Recently got Dovo Best Quality, Latigo strop, Norton 4000/8000.
    So far I've lost more blood to my DE than to the straight, but I've only made the most basic passes with it.
    I want to ask if the strop needs anything in the way of breaking in- should I get a leather conditioner for it? I've read that rubbing it daily with bare hand will suffice sufficiently.
    After the Norton, I gather I need one more step for final polish? Diamond paste/ spray, chromium, coticule?
    Just apply chromium to bare balsa?
    I gather there's a host of choices.
    What fun!

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    Welcome to SRP!
    You seem to have bought some fine gear, it will serve you well!
    The strop does not need anything other than a palm stropping before each use. That will keep it going for years to come.

    Indeed, there is a host of choices after the 8K.
    Paste, as you suggest is a good way to go, a finisher of some sort is another.
    Chromium to balsa will certainly work, and work very well.

    You seem well prepared, I wish you good luck with your shaving.
    Join in and have fun, SRP is a very cool and friendly place to hang out!
    Um, all of them, any of them that have been in front of me over all these years....

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    That fine fellow Birnando has given sound advice.

    +1 to him.

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