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    Exclamation Hello from Los Angeles, California!

    Hello All,

    I look forward to the forum as a registered member, as I have much learning to do. Today I got my first legit straight in the mail (Thank you, John), and will move on from the disposable-blade Parker, to this beautiful Wacker.

    (Courtesy J. Crowley --- 15/16 Full Hollow Wacker)

    Oddly enough, I find myself so excited to shave tomorrow that I almost don't trust myself... I will be joining my girlfriend's family for a first Thanksgiving dinner together, and I don't want to show up halfway(or fully)-butchered.

    Any advice? [Other than advising that I should watch Youtube videos until zero hour, because I will already be doing that]. I greatly appreciate the support and am happy to join you all in this honorable tradition.
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