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    Default Hello From Edmonton!!!

    Hi everyone! I'm a newbie shaver from Edmonton Canada. I'm a construction work and avid scuba diver!
    To quickly sum up my journey into SRS About 3 months ago I told my girlfriend I needed a new hobby and here we are ha ha. I'm the kinda guy that jumps right into something so you'll be seeing my stupid questions in all the forums from stroping to honing to creams to everything!

    I've been on this board for a month or so just reading forums and gaining knowledge and I've now decided to register so I can actually interact and gain more personal insight from the members!

    I picked up a cheap set from whipped dog and have been rocking it(about 12 or 14 shaves in) and I'm defiantly hooked. Hooked to the point where Im swearing at my scruff to grow faster so I don't have to wait 2 days between shaves ha ha

    If there's anyone else out there from Edmonton please add me to your contact list as I'd love to meet others in the area to share experience, classifieds, and maybe even do some group orders from online!

    Cheers and happy shaving!

    PS. All the money I'm saving on disposables I'm going to be wasting on more razors ha ha cheaper my ass :P

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    Welcome to SRP, we are glad to have you join in on the madness

    Sounds like you are well and hooked already!
    Ask away, peruse the Library(wiki) and most of all, have fun!
    Um, all of them, any of them that have been in front of me over all these years....

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    Welcome to SRP!
    the line about saving money is for SWMBO we all know otherwise. much like she is saving money buying a new pair of black heels, that look like the other 28 pairs, because they are on sale for $500. i just nod and say great, fantastic and spend the money she "saved" me.

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