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Straightening A Bent Or Warped Tang

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by , 06-03-2015 at 02:43 AM (6224 Views)
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I acquired an old Wade & Butcher blade quite some time ago & it was one of the ones that didn't even say Sheffield on it, it was that old. I was so happy to get that blade but upon further inspection, I noticed the tang was bent so I put it on the anvil part of my vise & gave it a very light "love" tap to straighten it out like I did on another blade another time. This time I wasn't so lucky & the blade broke! I was so disappointed since it was a very old Wade & Butcher blade & I have not seen another one for sale since. I have broken 3 blades & they were all Wade & Butcher blades! Since then, I had seen a video by Lewis Razors & if i had known, I might have been able to save that old blade I had so I thought I would give a refresher course on it. It is a very simple procedure & all you need is a propane torch & some heat block paste that you can buy from different vendors or even find it on eBay. You apply the paste as shown in the video & then heat it up with the propane torch until it is red hot & then you can bend it or straighten it to where it needs to be. I give Charlie Lewis all the credit here & thank him very much for his knowledge & contribution to the straight razor community. Thank you Charlie!
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