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    Quote Originally Posted by Obie View Post

    I have heard many good things about all the scuttles mentioned in these posts. Mine is the older version of the Georgetown, and I like it. I am sure I will like the Moss, the Dirty Bird and all the rest, too. From what I gather, each has own distinct qualities.

    You wouldn't miss with any one of them.


    I agree with this. I've had a G4 Georgetown that I loved (replaced because I dropped it ). I went from that to a Dirty Bird that wasn't quite as nice as the G4 in terms of glaze and looks, but it retained heat much better. I've gotten the G5 since this thread started.... I'm anxiously awaiting its arrival!

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    I have an older Georgetown Pottery scuttle that I really like, and the new ones seem to keep getting better and better.

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