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Thread: Best Moisturising Aftershave Balm

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    Guys, what do you use to prevent irritation after shaving? I used many products and nothing barely helps. I heard about shungite water and it sounds weird, the whole way it works, but who knows. I heard people with stomach issues drink it, so maybe it could be applied to the face?

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    Ever tried Aveeno? Unfragranced hand cream or moisturizing lotion works well for me.

    Shungite looks to me just like another appearance of coal.
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    for me i run the tap to get the coldest water i can and run it over my face and neck for two or three minutes it does the trick for me and feels great after i dont like putting stuff on my face straight after a shave after a shower though i use bulldog oil control that i find very good
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    I learned to shave and strop, that stopped my irritation
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    Quote Originally Posted by dinnermint View Post
    Nivea sensitive is my favorite. I thought it would be unscented, but it has a nice scent to it.
    Quote Originally Posted by criswilson10 View Post
    +1 for the Nivea.
    I usually only use the balms in the winter, and Nivea is the one I go to after day out in cold dry air. AoS also has nice balms, but the price is a little steep.
    Quote Originally Posted by xiaotuzi View Post
    I also like and use Nivea. A little goes a long way for me especially because I usually apply it while my face is a little wet. It seems to last forever. Actually I apply it more to my neck than anything.
    Quote Originally Posted by nipper View Post
    Another Nivea user. I initially thought it would be a bit greasy but it isn't at all. Soothing and nourishing I find.
    I recently started getting a red rash on my cheeks above where I shave. Probably the cold dry weather or wind burn. I started using a sample of Captain's Choice shave balm and when that ran out Nivea sensitive. Rash is gone but I'm going to continue the balm through the cold weather. I really like the scent of the Nivea.
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    Most days I use Thayer’s original or lemon scented followed by organic shea butter.

    In the summer, I sometimes replace the shea butter with aloe squeezed directly from a leaf. The shea can feel a tad greasy in the summer heat, but works great in the wind or cold days.
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