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    After applying an alcohol based aftershave, usually dominica bay rum, I like to rub a dab of Emu Oil on my face. A little goes a long way and it leaves the face smooth and moisturized. I find Emu oil is absorbed in the skin very quickly and it almost emulates the bodies natural oils. no pun intended.

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    Thanks, I have some and will try it and see if it helps moisturize my can't hurt.

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    I take australopithecus lipids putrified from bones off exhibits in the Field Museum and put it under my girlfriends nose when she's sleeping.

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    Emu oil has been demonstrated to be a natural anti-inflamatory as well as an effective moisturizer. Depending on your source it may not be sterile so I add a couple of drops (this stuff is strong) of Tea Tree Oil. This oil is a proven anticeptic and fungicide. The extreme drying quality of this oil is more than offset by the emu oil. This mixture was a littel too liquid for my taste so I added some pure coconut oil, another great moisturizer, to stiffen it up a bit. I started using this when I switched to DE razor and find it is great for SR shaving as well. It is the only thing I use post shave.

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