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Thread: Bay Rum?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Haroldg48 View Post
    Obie-- Ogallala is still around, but not selling directly anymore. Here's a link to their retailers, including Maggards.
    Thanks, Harold. I don't use bay rum, but it's good to know Ogallala is still around.

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    Quote Originally Posted by thebigspendur View Post
    Check out Phoenix Accout. They have a variety of very unique Bay Rums which they make right there.
    PAA Atomic Age Bay Rum was actually one of the first makers I tried, as so many love it, almost universally great reviews. I wanted to like it so much - they are a small shop that cares, have a passion for Bay Rum in particular, and seem to be doing so much right. But I really, REALLY hated it - sorry. It has a great note when it first goes on, but after that, it literally made me sick to smell it. Had to wash it off, but it's so strong I even had a hard time doing that. I was *so* disappointed. I didn't want to go off on them here, because they very obviously make a quality product, that is well thought of on this forum and others. It just didn't agree with me at all, as badly as I wanted it to. Like so many things in life and shaving, YMMV.

    I'm going to try several of PAA's many other scents via their $1 sample vials, to see if they make *something* that does agree with me. They make so many, I'm sure I'll find something. I love the small batch handcrafted methods they use. But their Bay Rum was just a total non-starter for me.

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    @FatboySlim... I too love the Bay Rum scent and use almost exclusively in the summer months.. I am using the Original Ogallala Bay Rum now.. I bought it after reading your original post.. I am going to use your review of the Gilbert Henry Bay Rum and purchase some before i go to bed.. Thank you for the reviews brother! Long live the great smell of the West Indies/Carribean!!!... Scott
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    Iím a huge fan of Gilbert Henry too. It has a touch of orange and is just a great version.
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