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Thread: A challenge

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    Quote Originally Posted by JBHoren View Post
    Pinaud "Lilac Vegetal"... of course!

    UGH!!!! No way!

    (Sorry, I just don't like the stuff... )

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrBoker View Post
    I think you should fill it with your favorite aftershave, whatever that my be. However, if you like the pricier aftershaves, it might cost a bundle to fill that bottle.
    I don't know why it should be considered as half-empty, it could better be described as half-full. Or, a quarter-full, maybe. In fact, if I saw such a bottle with a mere puddle of scent in the bottom, I would imagine that it belonged to a gentleman of discerning and unwavering good tastes, consistent and unwavering in his judgments, and would consider him to be of steadfast temperament and therefore unquestionably reliable. Such a man I would trust with my money without further concerns about the returns he'd predicted.

    Plan B is that you could put more of that stuff I just wrote in a bottle and I believe it would sell, once you get them to sniff the cork.

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