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Thread: Coming out of the *Clauss*et

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    That's just awful! how can a guy be so nice (and make the rest of us look so bad) Nice razors BTW! cool piece of memorabilia too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sharptonn View Post
    Very cool, Mitch!
    Happy to have found a real Clauss fan to get that to.
    That thick fabric is wool, I think? Anyway, they would have laid the razors and scissors out on it to show their perspective customers.
    Still some cleaning and polishing for you to do, as well as hone them up.
    Here is quick update. Since sharptonn basically gave me these two razors I felt there was an implicit understanding that I would do something with them. So yesterday I took them to the hones. With two identical razors there was the opportunity to do a little test. The "Tuesday" razor I honed with a basic norton 1-4-8 progression and finished with a few laps on a thuri. I also did something different for me and did not check the edge with a loup - just went by feel. The "Thursday" razor I set the bevel with the norton 1k and then went to a jnat nagura progression finishing with just water again no magnified checks of the edge. I would like to give you a report on how the razors shaved but am unable to do so. Yesterday I stropped the "Tuesday", lathered up and as I brought the razor to my face I heard an odd pinging sound and suddenly my mirror was covered in lather and stubble. Apparently my whiskers saw the edge approaching and just went ahead and jumped off my face. In all seriousness yesterday's and today's shaves with these two Clausses have been amazing. Both delivered close comfortable shaves giving a BBS result with one less pass than I normally do. I've never been one to carry on about my "best shavers" as I tend to think that any appropriate piece of steel made appropriately sharp will shave just fine and the factors that go into our favorite shavers are largely subjective. Having said that man oh man are these two razors great shavers.

    What differences did I notice between the two different honing approaches? Basically none - just two great shaves.

    A heartfelt thank you to Sharptonn for his generosity.
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