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Thread: How many straight. Razors do you have

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    I've got about 60 right now. 98% of them are American made (Case, King, Union). The other 2% are German. Everyone should have a Henckels or two or 20!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Phrank View Post
    Wow - think I can help you organize them, send all blades 9/8 and over bearing a stamp on the tang that reads something like this, "Wade and Butcher", and on the blade itself, look for something that say's, "The Celebrated Hollow Ground", and below that, and this is key, look for, "For Barbers Use", OK. Then, to organize them further, and inevitably make your job easier, look for one's that have a square tip, it's a right angle at the end of the blade, and the point may be spikey. When you get all those blades together, PM me and I'll tell you where to send them.
    OK, I've got about a dozen that fit those parameters. I'm willing to send them but you're gonna have to pony up for postage!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Slamthunderide View Post
    Here's my List of my Razors.

    1 Tim Zowada 2H2H Prototype
    1 Robert Williams SRP Limited Edition # 51
    1 Brian Brown 11/16 Round Point
    1`Mastro Livi New Grind
    2 7/8 Hart Steel's, One Round, One Square
    5 6/8 Hart Steel's, Two Round, Three Square
    3 Dovo's
    2 Clauss USMC
    1 6/8 Clauss
    1 Griffon # 38 My Grandfather's Razor
    1 3/8 Merkur
    1 Japanese frameback with TSUKIYA and a Cresent Moon and Arrow on the tang
    1 Tosuke Kaisori
    1 W Greaves Cast, Steel Warranted , SHEAF-WORKS
    1 Silver Steel Warranted with V Crown R
    1 J.Allen & Son WWI British Military Razor with 1GG 7679 Burned into the Scales
    6 Wade & Butchers
    1 ? Chinese Razor
    1 Cast Steel Warranted
    1 John C. Cockhill
    4 Joseph Rogers & Sons, One with G Crown R and Cutlers To HIS MAJESTY
    and a few more that I could not find
    I need to add one that I just got it is another fine Razor made by Tim Zowada it is one of his new Carbon Series Razors
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    About a month ago I owned a modest three razor collection.

    Now I've got number twelve on the way. RAD sets in quick around here

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