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Thread: New Razor Meisturwerk Machinen

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    Quote Originally Posted by snorro View Post
    10minutes after I sent the complaint I got a email reply with the return address.

    And all this talking about razors, my mother dusted of an old razor probably was my fathers. It is pretty worn.
    There is three crowns and underneath it says Lindner&Co with some more text underneath which is hard to read.
    Maybe this can be used.

    Thanks again.
    If it is your fathers or grandfathers you are very fortunate indeed. I truly wish I had a razor that someone in my family owned. It may need to get honed. If so, I advise you to take up Birnando on his offer of honing. Learning from a mentor directly, in person is the absolute best way to learn. No question.
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    Good deal! I hope they send your complete refund w/o any restocking fees or any bs!
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