As most folks here has already stated any grind will work if its honed and used right. My beard is a little different than most. I have none close to my ear no side burns but about half way from my ear to my chin is thick and very heavy. I started out with full hollow grind razors. While learning I found that the full hollows were difficult for me. A friend sent me I believe a 1/4 hollow grind 15/16 Wostenholm blade. I rescaled it and honed. I think that was my first comfortable shave. I used it and acquired other heavier razors and learned to shave a little quicker with a straight razor. Since then I have collected more of the heavier blades and also the hollow grinds up to extra hollow grind and get a comfortable shave with them all. The heavier blades for give the angle more that the thin blades. I guess that's why they're easier to start with on a heavy beard. or at least it was for me. If you can try them all. don't just settle on one stile or grind of blade. they all have there own place. That's part of the fun of this life stile. good luck