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Thread: Buying first razor used.

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    Also I got a friend who have used straight razors for a while who promised to help me on this project.

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    my honest opinion....!
    The first two.... No way!
    First one has signs of cell rot, that have been cleaned up . second razor looks to already been restored to death, possibly.

    The third may still have life though. But thats my opinion.
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    I would stay away from all three.

    While Biedermeier makes a good blade, that one has seen better days. Too much rust near the edge.

    The second one... that smile is just funky. It doesnt match the spine... and if the edge doesnt match the spine, run away! Spine wear, as well. And looks like it was oddly reground. I have a Heljestrand 33 like that... looks like it was put into a knife sharpener to do the re-grinding.

    The third also has spine wear. Though you may be able to get some use out of it with patient honing.

    Either way, there are better razors out there in Fersale Land that I would consider before these.
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