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Thread: Cure for RAD? or at help?.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Attila View Post
    Time is the cure.

    Most likely, eventually you will slow down and perhaps pretty much stop entirely once you've found some you liked and you've been in the game for a few years. For some, it takes longer than others to reach that point.

    Notice I said most likely...
    Totally agree! When I first got into this I said I would buy just one and be happy. Then came a second one quickly and the third came quicker! Now I have not gotten into it like some but I am at 9 current in the rotation and sold the 10th due to me and it not really meshing. I would like to pick up a few more good Henckels to have since I have fallen in love lately with the one I bought.

    The internet and ease of shopping has killed the American pocketbook for sure! At one time when I was cigar smoking almost 20 years ago I had a mail order set up and not for the dog sticks but the good cigars! At any given time I had 500 cigars on hand and in one year spent several thousand on cigars!!!! Yes, you heard me correct! I was out of control and quite honestly over my head in terms of an addiction.

    It was a sickness I would say. I still love the every so often fine cigar but have had to put it into perspective of course.

    You will slow down eventually or you will be out of money unless you are a rich man and when you do and need to liquidate at a cost we are here to assist you of course!
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    Cure? Theres no cure..


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    Well, got 3 of the seven shaving sharp so far, disaster with the 4th. Going to have 2 more on the way, a second Landers Flary & Clark "Gold embossed" "Universal" and a "Rifleman". My head hurts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TristanLudlow View Post
    don't visit anything online relating to razors or auction sites and you should be good
    This is only way for me. As soon as i'm back here I have thousands of dollars in hones and razors in my to buy list. And the bay, don't get me started. I'll look at every stone and razor lised...

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    Get your mother, or mother inlaw, or ex wife, to come over and supervise all your eBay purchases. That'll get control of the problem.
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    I bought a lot at first when so many seemed unique and one of a kind. As I've seen probably tens of thousands of razors on the bay I now have a lot better sense of my personal taste and what is unique. I now only buy unique ones. But remember you can always sell some later as your collection matures, the next generation will contract RAD as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by THORandODIN View Post
    I bought 7 straights off E-Bay this month and if I didn't get snipped on 4 of them the damage would have been horrible. BTW, Who has been snipping my Simmons Hardware Klean Kutter razors out from under me?. Sorry my post should say at "Least some help with it"
    if it had file work on the spine then it could have been me!

    sorry old chap!


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