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Thread: Pondering your preference

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    I haven't got many razors, but I have got a wide variety in my modest collection. I have vintage blades from Sheffield and Germany I have new blades from France and Germany. I also have some custom blades.

    I can't say that I have a real favourite, but I can say that I am not a huge fan of full hollows as I don't like the noise they generate. That said one of my favourite razors is an old Hamburg Ring razor which sings like a canary, so go figure.

    I tend towards 7/8" half hollow or quarter hollow, I like a point that has some shape to it rather than it just being round, Spanish point or Barber's notch that sort of thing.

    But so long as it shaves well I am not too fussy.
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    For me, it is not so much what I like, but what I do not like.
    1. I do not like wedge or near wedge razors.
    2. I do not like thumb notches.
    3. I do not like 5/8" blades or smaller.

    However, my "ideal" razor would be a 7/8" full-hollow, mirror-polished blade with Spanish point and no thumb notch.

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    I like variety, but only one thing I consistently look for are shoulder less razors.

    After collecting plenty of old razors I found that I've had to grind off stabilizers in order to properly hone 'em; ergo why I like em without stabilizers.

    I usually do it by hand on my DMT, my DMT is very worn and it's a PITA and takes a long time to grind 'em off nowadays. But it works very well.

    I've also seen very old razors surfacing on the web being sold where people in the "old days" have done the same thing.

    I have mostly been collecting older German razors, but am also very interested in razors from other origins.
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