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    All of those razors are horrible!!! You should send them to me immediately for proper disposal. Do not, I repeat do not keep those around, they will cause many problems for you.

    I will PM you right away with my address!

    Nice, especially the Boker!


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    The Boker and the Antelope both look very nice a bit of polishing and a good honing and i think you will be very happy with them. The henckels has a lot of hone wear on the toe but with careful honing it should outlast your grandson

    also instead of using photobucket you can just attach them here with the caveat that you need to resize them to no more than 700x700 pixels.
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    Thanks guys I can see were these things can become adictive. Myself a taxidermist I have great admeration for quality sharp steel and to just hold somthing like this is somthing special. I touched them up a bit but they didnt need much my wife has told me it like I have some sort of condition from where I have shaved all the hair fromthe inside my arm.

    They actualy surprised me how well they shave there seems to be somthing very gratifying to it. I swear I get less razor burn against the grain with a strait than a mach3.

    What is the best was to polish a blade like the Antalope that has etching?
    Also anyone have any idea when any of these were made?

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