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    He's joking. An adroit spoof.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hawkeye5 View Post

    You ripped her off!! Sprites didn't have hubcaps.
    Sure they had hubcaps. The chrome baby moons were embossed with AH so the weels always said AHAH!

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    So, Icedog, did you actually get that razor at a flea market in Maine?

    I recently picked up a sweet little Joseph Allen Non XLL at an antique store in Maine.

    I came out of an ice cream store with my two year old daughter in my arms, and went into the antique store next door. "Got any straights?"

    "Yep.." the proprietor garbs a handful of old American made blades and deposits them on the counter.

    Not much to report there.

    "Is there a razor in that box?" I ask.


    Lo and behold a very nice Joseph Allen...

    Moral of the story: Always ask to see what's in the box!
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