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Thread: Celluloid Rot

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    Default Celluloid Rot

    I just finished doing my first straight razor restore. A C-Mon I picked up at an antique store for cheap. There was some pitting but it wasn't in bad shape. So I was polishing up the scales and have a question about celluloid rot. Up until now I, and others who I showed it to, thought that the scales were imitation bone. But now I'm worried it's pitting from rot. I'm not sure. I'm not married to these scales, I'm not a fan of blonde. But for economy I'll keep them. Also where can I get some scales made or buy them, since I don't have the equipment to make my own.


    The shine isn't as matte as this appears to be.

    Bone or rot?

    close up

    Underside of the scales

    Thanks for the help.

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    Straight Razor Maintenance & Repair Needs Just scroll down they have a bunch of replacement scales, and they all have hardware with them.

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