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    Quote Originally Posted by PaulKidd View Post
    Mick....I guess it just depends on how much weight you are willing/able to carry on your back, and how long you
    are going to be "out" and what you want to do while
    you're out there.
    I agree
    A weekend hike is one thing, but a 2-3 week trek is quite
    another....That's back-packing. I wouldn't bother carrying any extra (back-packing) for a weekend...And might not even for a few weeks, but I would if it were longer, especially if it was 'back-packing' in your terms, of having to physically lug that pack around everyday, all day, instead of just throwing it on a bus to the next destination.

    If I don't actually have to carry it on my back, then I'm
    perfectly happy to pack whatever I want....but if the
    weight of my pack is a consideration, then I'm perfectly
    willing to forego all the shave gear! That's me too, but I'm still limited, as most of my travel is by motorbike, and often when going camping/travelling in general, I have to resort to lugging some stuff in a small pack as well as whats loaded on the bike.

    You've been in the know how much the
    weight of your pack matters, right? My bloody oath I do! And I'm glad I don't have to run around with that gear anymore...Too many physical ailments (tendons and joints) to do that for anything other than occassional recreation now anyway.

    Frankly, at my age now, "roughing it" means having to
    stay in a motel without a bar! I'm not there yet, but I feel I'm not too far behind you!
    Now I suppose I had better stop high-jacking the thread too.


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    I'm setting my Bicycle up for touring, getting all my gear set up and all. I'm hopeing to find a stainless blade to add to my kit but have issues with stainless blades... it's a problem I know...

    So far I've got my heavy W&B tasked for the trip as it hines up good and shaves well Nice and durrable edge

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    Well I'd take my Joseph & Rodgers 4/5' near wedge, I recon that'd take a bit more of a beating. The roo strop I got from MickR for the same reasons he uses, probably won't crack from being rolled up. And the travel shaving soap I picked up from the chemist a couple days ago, just tried it and it works ok dries a little too quick for my liking but works and comes with 30 'leaves'.
    I figure you could just take a decent enamelled cup that you could use for drinking and shaving and if you were going for a bit maybe paste the back of the strop but thats just my 2cents worth.

    Oh just incase I thought I'd let you know what the soap looked like 45mm x 20mm x 70mm
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    For camping I look at a stainless straight.

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