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    Default Got a small rust spot on my razor

    I've been straight razor shaving since January. Usually I've been impeccable about rust prevention, applying mineral oil once a week and always making sure the blade and scales are dry before closing (usually I leave it open for a day just to make sure no moisture gets trapped against the blade).

    However, I slipped up. I'm guessing I closed the blade on some water because there's a rust mark about the size of an uncooked rice grain toward the end of the blade and close to the cutting edge. The orange-ish stuff rubbed right off with my finger, but there's still a darkened tarnish-like stain underneath. Is it possible to fix this? Should I worry about it spreading? What should I do for damage control?

    (Also...can if get lockjaw I cut myself now?)

    Thank you for any advice you can offer.

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    Sounds like you may have gotten a drop of water in the scales and didn't notice it. You can take a q-tip with some metal polish of your choice and see if you can get the dark spot to rub away...just watch that edge! I seriously doubt "lock-jaw" is in your future (you have gotten nicks before haven't you?). It's carbon steel, it happens to us all, don't beat yourself up. Some may ask: Why protect the blade with mineral oil one day out of seven?
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    I wouldn't worry about it spreading - just keep rubbing with metal polish. Lockjaw is out of the question.


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