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Thread: Opinions on Hart Steel?

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    Quote Originally Posted by thebigspendur View Post
    I still maintain my original position that it is different but no better.

    Just because a razor is bigger or heavier or has ornamentation or a different grind does not make it better in an intrinsic sense. If a particular blade is comprised of a steel that is demonstrably superior that's another issue but that has not been shown to be the case. of course you may prefer a certain type of blade and you get a better result with that type but that is a user thing.
    "Better" is defined by the user. "Popular" may be defined by a forum.

    Harts are popular because they are nice. I have a couple and like them, but I have lesser priced razors that shave as well...and I have razors suited to my tastes that I might call "better", but some would not share my preference.

    This being said, I believe the steel and heat treat/hardness of the Hart does lend itself to slightly longer edge life compared to some other nice razors I have....but I only have a couple data points to support this

    Edit to add: if it is not clear, I am saying that I agree...different but no better (or worse). A diplomatic (and very successful) knife maker frequently uses this statement about competitor's offerings: "all good, just different"
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    I've got a spike and the kamisori coming my way.... i'll let you know what i think of them when i finish my beard growing contest at work!

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    Well, I received it yesterday and used it today. Very good shave, I'm really happy with the purchase. I'll work on a small review over the weekend.

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    I feel that heavier razors are less twitchy and wider razors give you more tang offset from the face, so a little more room to move around. This is only up to a point, too wide or too heavy is not good. The downside is trying to fit it under your nose.
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    One time, in band camp, I shaved with a Gold Dollar razor.

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