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Thread: Before/After - Did I do the right thing?

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    Default Before/After - Did I do the right thing?

    I started a post (Junk Shop Finds) last weekend after buying a bunch of SRs in an clock junk-shop, one of which was marked 99 H. Greenberg on one side and Hand Forged Solinger-Germany on the other side with nice trim on each end of the scales, but unfortunately there are 2 huge chunks broken out of the blade edge.
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    I was contemplating removing the blade and replacing it with one that was part of my purchase that was marked L. S. Du Bois Sons & Co - PADUCAH KY and H Bonker & Co with a tree on the other side - On the blade Face is etched "OUR OWN" - Hollow Ground Razor, which came with the scales broken off (one scale is whole, the other in pieces).

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    The more I thought about it I figured maybe I should just leave it with its original blade, so, instead, using a flap disk on a grinder, I ground the blade down past the broken out chunks, while being careful not to allow the blade to heat up. Then I took it to the hones for sharpening to Share Ready condition.

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    Now I am wondering if I did the right thing or not? I turned it into a usable razor, or at least something that looks like it should be usable as I haven't tried it yet, but I wasn't sure if this is the right way to go. Should I have just left it as it was?

    The horn scales, with what appears to be sterling silver trim, are in perfect shape. I just hated to see it end up in a draw as a seemingly collectable item.
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    There will be different viewpoints on this. Like:
    - Dump the thing because it's over
    - Keep it as historical collectors piece
    - Try to make it shave

    I personally opt for number 3 when ever possible. But for a razor that is so badly damaged I wouldn't have taken the risk. You on the other hand have taken that not one but two steps further - and I like that. And if it really shaves decently .. hey, what do you want more? Another one saved.

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    The issue with trying to hone that thin blade with the same spine thickness It had at 6/8ths is the angle will be way off. In my opinion you should save the scales and start searching ebay for a blade from the same maker in better condition.
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    I have a couple of STR8S in that condition (bought like that: I had to buy 7 for 12 Euros just to get a John Barber in great conditions), they are great below the nose and to get perfect mustaches. I think in the past it was quite common to regrind razors to keep on using them, and so the spine is usually thin in similar pieces. I have only one blade that has not been reground properly, but it is not a problem for shaving: I just have to hone it more often then the others. The spine wear area is getting larger and larger, I guess I'll get a mini-wedge sooner or later

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    The scales are celluloid.

    Anyhow when you're doing something for yourself, then it's up to you if it's the right thing. I'd find a new blade for it, but that's JMHO. It's your opinion that really matters here.

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