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Thread: Dovo razors, do any come from the factory shave ready?

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    Quote Originally Posted by gssixgun View Post
    Just because those of us with experience can get some of them to shave and know how to tweak them better with our Strops and Pastes does not mean they are "Shave Ready" for a new guy..
    Quote Originally Posted by honedright View Post
    Every Dovo I've purchased just needed a bit of stropping out of the box and they were good to go. Maybe I've just been lucky.
    Quote Originally Posted by Slur View Post
    However, since I was lucky enough to get a new Dovo that was actually shave ready I believe that it is worthy reporting it in order to make clear that some rare times the straight razor could be shave ready from the factory.
    Quote Originally Posted by JeffR View Post
    Some people (like me) find factory edges to be ready to shave, or close enough that a little stropping is all that is needed.

    There ya go new guys, read those all once again, realize that they all say the same thing...

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    I shaved with a new fresh out the box bismark and in my 2mth old at the time newby hands it didn't shave too bad. Could feel the difference compared to a "shave ready" edge from whipped dog tho. It's since been honed by Oz and is a totally different animal, much smoother.

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