I've actually bought a couple razors from him - they were all sent from eastern Europe - Bulgaria? I can't remember, but sounds plausible- I got the aforementioned Merkur (I just checked, mine measures midway between 4/8 and 5/8 - the thing I like about it, is it's not a full-hollow grind - maybe a 1/4 or 1/2 hollow - I don't know enough about grinds to rate it - I do know that the blade is nice and stiff, and I like that). My Bonsa that I bought from him is a hair under 6/8, but it is a hollower grind than the Merkur, and seems to have a bit more 'flex' to the blade - it shaves well, I just prefer the stiffer Merkur blade. I also bought a 'C. & H. (or 'K') Birkendahl' that is a bit closer to a 4/8 than the Merkur - nice razor, but I personally prefer the Merkur - the size and grind just work well for me. But all of the razors that I have bought from him were New Old Stock - or, maybe, still New in Bulgaria, and I'm happy with each of them.

He's a good seller