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Thread: gillette super adjustable vs modern de's.

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    Quote Originally Posted by feeltheburn View Post
    If a super adjustable is what you want, go for it. They work just fine. A good quality newer one will do a great job too though. Any quality DE will do a good job for you after you learn how to use it and get used to its little idiosyncrasies.
    I agree ^^ wholeheartedly with the above. As a matter a fact "I" would recommend that someone getting into DE's not start with an adjustable. Not that its that big a deal, but mastering a slant or the R41 if you want "aggressive," or a simple "run-of-the-mill" DE to begin with I think is great fun with all the blade choices sans the burden of settings.

    Of course I also advocate getting what you like too so...

    Hope you like whatever you get. Every DE has a magic of its own too - just like a straight.

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    Quote Originally Posted by matloffm View Post
    Merkur Progress. A fine adjustable and not very expensive.
    I second that vote!
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