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Thread: DE vs. Shavette for Under Arms

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    Default DE vs. Shavette for Under Arms

    I have a straight razor for every day use and a shavette that I have for travel. I have shaved my wife's legs a couple of time with the straight and she really likes the results (close with no irritation) so she has decided to get rid of the cartridges too. I am wondering if a DE would be better than a shavette with a 1/2 DE blade overall for her, especially thinking about shaving under arms. I have never used a DE or tried shaving under my arms but it seems to me that the DE handle which is perpendicular would be easier to control and that a shavette would force you to shave backwards from the way you would normally hold a straight razor. Does anyone have any experience between the two and can offer advice?

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    No experience with shaving under the arms, but I would recommend against the Shavette. They are unforgiving enough on the face.
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    go for a DE or Rolls Razor.. If you like SRs a Rolls Razor may be the way to go.. maybe someone else can comment on DE vs Rolls Razor..

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