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Thread: First DE Merker 43c HD

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    Do you guys who get burn with a DE prep tha same way you would for a SR shave? I find that and the angle and pressure (weight of razor) are the the key. Aggressive to me is in my hands based on angle and pressure that I use. For blades it really is "what works for you" or YMMV. I love the Israeli Personnas and German Wilson Sword, but can't STAND the Merkurs....bad and irritating shave. Others love them.
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    Heroldg- I prep the same for both. I'm working on making sure I get whipped cream shave soap to make sure I don't get burn. Also trying to take my time when I shave. I'm having good results with the wilkinson blades and the fatboy.
    I'm really kind of torn b/t my sr's and the de. I get better shaves quicker with the de. But I love my straights. I don't know what to do.

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