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Thread: Birthday is just around the corner and I want a Cadillac

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    Quote Originally Posted by rolodave View Post
    I gave my wife a Futur last month for her birthday and she likes the close shave.

    I did snag it this week for two shaves and I liked the shave. It took one shave to get used to the feel of blade but by shave #2 I was rolling.

    On my Gillette Adjustable I use a setting of 4. On the Futur it is a 2. The wife likes a 3.

    The Futur is well made. I do prefer the Gillette for changing blades. The Futur's pop off top took some practice getting back on and snapped in.

    I should say I rarely shave with a DE. Only about 6 times this year.

    That isnt "rarely" dave i am up to 4 this year, and that only because i took it on holiday for 4 days.
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    Merkur Futur = Cadillac?
    More like Ford IMO.

    I have used Futurs for several years and find them o.k., but nothing special.
    If you have facial hair, classic DE razor designs may serve you better, as the Futur extends more beyond the blade end than a classic design, which affects how you shave around beard and moustache corners.

    Merkur workmanship and product finish is adequate, but nothing special.

    I am now particular to Mühle as far as DE razors (and brushes) go, but a nice vintage DE razor from the heydays of DE shaving would make a lovely present too.

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    Well Cadillac? probably the Pils would fit the bill but it's not a very ergonomic razor but then a classic cadillac isn't all that great a car. Luxury yes performance no. Take a look at the Jaeger razors something like the barleycorn. Their DEs are very nice and shave very well.
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    Well I took the advice of Jimmy and Rollin coal and went with the Merkur 39C slant head long handle barber pole razor. Only bad part is now I have to wait until my birthday to put it to the test.

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