Hello there gentlemen

I wondered if one of you guys would be able to answer me a question. So after many months of saving i finally dropped some notes on a Feather AS-D2 As the shavingshack.com gave me a 10% discount code, not being greedy but they gave me a choice for a free Edwin Jagger DE89 so i took that too :P . But i have just seen an ikon OSS baseplate on connaught shaving. The deluxe and standard say they are compatible with the feather but nothing about the OSS.

I figured that if the OSS plate would fit it would be good to buy one and experiment as i have never DE shaved with an open comb before. And to cut through a 5 day growth for me an open comb may be a good investment especially with the closed comb to tidy up afterward

Does anyone have any ideas?