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Thread: New Ikon slant? Any users?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Phurls View Post
    I have seen on other forums where people complain about the difficulty in seating the DE blade without the sides being exposed for manual manipulation. For a month or two I had the same complaint. I have since come to the conclusion that it doesn't matter. I haven't really noticed a difference in the shave when I deliberately change the orientation of the blade and when I let the razor seat naturally. If you have noticed any of the discussions on the new Razorock Slant you will see that its blade gap is deliberately asymmetric. I suspect the same of the Ikon Slant.
    Thanks for the review. FWIW, with my particular 1st gen Ikon slant I haven't had any staining problems. I've only used it with Feather stainless blades, and I immediately disassemble the contraption and rinse everything after the shave. Dunno if that is different than your procedure, but just to say that staining hasn't been an issue.

    The blade adjustment/exposure being deliberately asymmetric is something I hadn't thought of. It just seems to me to be somewhat dangerous to leave it cocked, rather than equal exposure, and each blade edge parallel with the edge of the top cap. Of course I've not tried shaving with it in that attitude, but I will give it a shot ........ carefully.
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    Somebody on another forum posted an email from Merkur that answered the symmetrical vs asymmetrical blade exposure issue. There should be even blade exposure along both sides of the top cap was the answer from Merkur if I read the email correctly. Here is a link and it is post #40.

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