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Thread: Slant vs adjustables

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    Quote Originally Posted by Filobiblic View Post
    Thanks Bob. I agree with what you said above ^^^^.

    My point was that "mild" and "aggressive" as terms need to be qualified or described more when used. Some people do and some don't.

    I think mild and aggressive as terms can be used on two overlapping but different spectrums:
    1) Comfort
    (mild = comfortable TO aggressive = harsh)
    2) efficiency
    (mild = inefficient TO aggressive = efficient)

    Absolutely agree. The technical skill of the operator is an intersection point.

    But a person can get more skilled in this area leading them to think that the razor is performing differently. (As what someone pointed out with their use of an adjustable during their youth.)

    It also means that different skilled users will give different assessments of the razor even though it has not changed at all!
    I would have to go along with that. It depends on the skill level/experience of the user more than anything else as to what the assessment is of a DE is on a scale of mild to wild. That is where the rub is in most reviews.

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    Filobiblic - That's a great way to describe those terms. It also covers some of my concerns about classifying a razor as mild or aggressive.

    In my case, when I first started out using DE razors, I found the New Improved Gillette's to be too aggressive. Now I find them to be mild (but still efficient). Experience matters.

    To go back to the OP's question: Some slants are mild and some are more efficient. The same applies to adjustables (though most of them can span a wide range of the efficiency spectrum).

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    Quote Originally Posted by roden011 View Post Merkur Long Handled Safety Razor: Health & Personal Care

    Been using this Merkur for over a year and I love it! So much so, I'm giving each of my groomsmen one for my wedding in a couple weeks!
    I'd like to see the wedding pictures.

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