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I did know of the existence of safety razors, in fact I used one very briefly when I was in basic training before I even needed to start shaving really.

Probably because i didn't need to shave but was forced to so that the razor could be disassembled and laid out for inspection every morning I didn't fall in love with the whole safety razor thing.

While I was using cartridges for most of my shaving life I assumed, wrongly, that a single blade razor would have no chance of shaving as well as my five blade razor.

I never had a really decent shave with a cartridge because I didn't really understand how to shave I guess, out of the shower, one quick pass and done.

Having recently got a DE and took the advice of a couple of experienced guys on here before choosing which one to get I've discovered that not only was I shaving wrong most of my life but that a single blade safety razor, although not a close as a straight for me is certainly a huge step for man over a five blade cartridge and a lot more comfortable.

When I said not as close, I should have said that the shave does feel as close but the straights stay smooth for longer. I am too smooth the following day to need another straight shave but with a DE, although very smooth I need another shave the next day.
With the right DE and blade combo and some experience you can get a shave the equal of a straight.

Face feel doesn't mean much. I can shave with an electric and have BBS but 4 hours later there is stubble starting to come through.