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    Default Thriftstore find!

    Most recently the past few years i've gotten quite caught up in vintage classics. After 31yrs of disposables i've finally decided to take it to the next step and make the switch. Originally my thought was to go right into str8 edge but at this moment i'm having to budget. So i've decided to go the DE route for now. My idea is that anything was better than disposables which have always left me irritated. I went to my local antique store to check out what they had. And found a number of brushes, bowls, injectors, de, and str8's most of which where in need of restoring. I did however find some things in my total budget of under $20. Three in particular stood out so i bought'em and cleaned'em at home. They turned out pretty nice and with no brassing.

    1) Superspeed (F3 = 1960) cost $7.99
    2) Goldtech (no date = est 1940's) cost $3.25
    3) Silvertech (O3 = 1969) cost $5.20

    (With tax totaled $17.89) There was one Torrey Worcester Mass str8 razor for $22 with minor surface rust which could probably just wipe off... that one i might go back for. Wanting to test shave i headed to walmart picked up personna blades and gave the silvertech a whirl. Nervously trying not to nick myself i was amazed that was the closest shave i've ever had! Even a few hours later no burn or stubble. I have seen the light and will never go back to darkness. I can only look forward to improving my technique with the de and eventually using a str8 for the wkend. Please let me know if you think i got a good deal and if the torrey is a good find. Thanks - noob

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    Great finds! I know those super speeds usually go for $20+, so you definitely got a great deal. At those prices, it'd almost be a disservice not to buy them!

    If the Torrey looks good, go back and grab it. DE's are great (I used mine on my burns last night), but straights are a lot of fun.

    Welcome to SRP too!

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    That's the way to do it! Great finds!
    “If you always do what you always did, you will always get what you always got.” (A. Einstein)

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    i bet those will clean up really nicely. I got a few no name DEs for a buck each, and a couple of them were really nice. hardly ever use them but I get a big grin every time I do knowing what a good price I got for them.

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    cool. im hooked on d/e's too

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    You did well. I recently found 3 Antique shops here in Jacksonville, and they had Nada, nothing, zip....I was disappointed to say the least. I did, however, find a really good New York Style Pizza Place,
    I from up that way originally....
    We have assumed control !

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