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    I recently did something similar. I got a great deal on a Gillette Slim and decided to give it a shot. I originally skipped DE and went right to straights so I thought I owed it to myself to check it out. I got a sampler from westcoastshaving and started with the Gillette 7 O'Clock yellows.

    It was an amazingly easy transition for me. I had an excellent feel for it after the first pass, and had even increased from setting one to five during the pass. It seems that all the time I spent on a straight had taught me almost everything I needed about angles and prep. I used a perfect lather from some Soca Bomb (lime) followed with D.R. Harris Arlington A/S splash. I was able to complete a full three pass shave with very little irritation and without nicks or weepers.

    Not the closest shave, but not bad at all for a first and definitely a dfs. I think I can officially retire the Atra Plus as my travel razor. It beat the pants off of a Mach 3 and I'm still new at it.

    It was nice and all, but I still had some extra time and I went for a touch up pass with the Bismark I acquired from SRD's March Madness sale. NOW it was BBS.

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    thanks guys.. I am doin my best to get on westcoastshave now, my internet stinks on ice.

    My girl used it last night.. now she is determined that she get a pink DE.. yeah they are not easily found. She said there is no way she is going back to disposables that feel more like saw blades, said she couldnt even feel it pull on her hair.


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    Default Very First DE Shave . . .

    Hello, Boog:

    Congratulations to your girlfriend. I have seen a couple red-handled Merkurs at Straight Razor Designs, but no pink so far.


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