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    Quote Originally Posted by vthomlinson View Post
    i've heard them mentioned as having some kind of following or cult status or something.. how are they in comparison to other blades and what's the deal behind them?
    I think that other posters got it right with one addition. Today
    if you find a box of DE blades that you like jump on them and get
    100 or more from the exact same guy. N.B. There are some
    vendors that we all know that pay attention to their
    supply chain and there is no urgency...

    A couple months ago I tossed 50 of what should have been
    good Russian blades but they could not hold a candle to others
    I had. True 40 years ago they would have been better than
    trusty rusty "blue" blades... but hey.

    When the modern DE honing machines are dialed in -- wow.
    When someone runs a batch off shift and sells them
    out the side door who knows.

    Electronic vendors are fighting counterfeit components
    and the ethics that permit those counterfeits open the
    side door for anything. I am not talking about $500 processors,
    I am talking about three cent surface mount capacitors.

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    My favorites hands down are the Personna Prep Blades (medical grade). I bought a DE razor from somebody and he enclosed a few of those. Haven't had a bad shave yet with them. These have been so good I haven't even tried the other brands.

    Straight razor shaver and loving it!
    40-year survivor of electric and multiblade razors

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    Default Israeli Red Personna

    I would like to try the Red Personnas, but I'm having trouble finding them. Any suggestions?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steve1950 View Post
    I would like to try the Red Personnas, but I'm having trouble finding them. Any suggestions?

    You can find them here:
    Razor Blades

    A fine alternative is Crystal. If you like Personna you'll probably like them too. JMHO.

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    if they are blue and gray striped...from Russia..all I can say is..they don't like my face ;-)..thats ok I have others


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