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    Quote Originally Posted by michaelcassani View Post
    New to DE's but have been shaving with straights for about a year now, so the hand/eye coordination, etc. is pretty good. Just thought it would be nice to change things up from time to time and have a DE when i have days where i just want a little quicker shave experience. I know i can get a NEW Edwin Jagger 89 for under $50, i think ,so was hoping to snag a bargain on the bay. I get the impression that there are "collectors" that i may be competeing against on ebay. I've heard that the Feather blades are the sharpest DE blades out there? Thanks again for the suggestions.
    Most Gillette's should be fine for a more experienced shaver. All Gillette's can give a BBS shave with the right technique. Though Tech's, Super speeds, red tip SS and 30's New (short OC) seem to be the most forgiving IMHO. The Old style's (prior to 1920's) were designed for a thicker blade, I find them with newer blades to be on the aggressive side.

    There's not many collectors driving up the prices of Tech's and super speeds up. They can be had cheaply on the bay. For the price of an EJ , You could buy a couple of different Gillette and a blade sampler pack and you would be set.

    Blades are a total YMMV. Feathers are the sharpest. That does not make them the best. For me feathers work great only in very aggressive razors.

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